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Captured in Glass doll eyes are quality handcrafted glass eyes for your Ball Jointed Dolls. In the beautiful and famous city of Jiangsu, China, these handcrafted doll eyes are made by more than 10 years of experience by professional team of CIG-Lu. Our goal is to let people get what they really want to have for their wonderful dolls. We will do our best to supply the unique quality eyes for you with best service.

Difference beetween high dome and low dome

There is a manufacturing difference beetween the two shapes of an eye.

You can see a high dome on the left, and a low dome on the right side of the picture.
A low dome eye tends to fit into more doll heads, but will not have such a depth as the High dome one. However there are doll head sculpts that simply need the low dome eye, so this option exists for such.

User gallery can be found here on the forum Den of Angels (DoA):

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